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Unofficial CSM Thesis Template


Welcome to the home of the Unofficial CSM Thesis Template, a package for users of LaTeX and LyX. Please be aware that I have my own responsibilities. So, while I will do whatever I can to help you get your thesis to render properly, I provide no guarantee that I will fix any particular issue you might have in a timely fashion (see legaleze below). If you do have an issue then feel free to contact me by email via ehoover at mines dot edu.


This template is provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the template is with you. Should the template prove defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.

Download the latest version of the template (~1.34 MiB)

For Windows users that do not already have gzip-compatible archive software it is recommended that you download 7-Zip.


LaTeX and LyX 2.0: LyX 1.x (Linux, Mac OS X):
  1. Make sure you've installed LyX:
  2. Run "" (./ in a terminal)
  3. Run LyX and select "Reconfigure" from the "Tools" menu
  4. Restart lyx
  5. Load the example thesis
LyX 1.x (Windows):
  1. Make sure you've downloaded and installed LyX
  2. Run "install-lyx-layout.bat"
  3. Run LyX and select "Reconfigure" from the "Tools" menu
  4. Restart lyx
  5. Load the example thesis


Should the current version of the template not suit your needs, it is easy to upgrade to a new version without changing your document. Simply download the new version of the template, extract all of the style files (*.sty), and use those files to replace the style files from your existing version.

LyX users may also wish to extract the LyX layout file and either install-lyx-layout.bat (Windows) or (Linux/Mac) and re-run the install script in order to update the layout file. This step is not critical as the LyX layout does not need to be updated regularly, all the brains behind the template are in the LaTeX portion of the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Source Code

Source code is included along with each release, you can also obtain the latest code and history from GitHub:

git clone


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