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Wine - Kane Edition


The Kane Edition is a special build of the popular Wine software with patches to make Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath work out of the box.

Currently included patches: Build problem patches: Accepted patches (archive):

Please note that this page is primarily for my own purposes to keep track of the patches I'm making to the default Wine installation. I have every intention of trying to get suitable versions of these patches included in the Wine tree, but until then I will be trying to keep these patches up to date so that I can play Kane's Wrath with my friends on the weekends while still keeping up with the latest Wine. It is also important to note that the Kane Edition is not an official version of Wine, so you will make people angry if you try to report bugs or submit test results using the Kane Edition. If you encounter a problem with the Kane Edition then feel free to contact me via ehoover at mines dot edu (preferably if you know it's a bug related to the patches).


I now have an Ubuntu PPA setup, so if you're running 9.10 or later you can add ppa:ehoover/compholio to your Software Sources to automatically obtain updates and download the software. The easiest way to do this (for recent debian-based distributions) is to run the following at the command-line:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio;
sudo apt-get install wine-kane;
Debian Packages: Download wine-kane 1.4.0 for Ubuntu/Debian (x86-32) (x86-64)
RPM Packages: Download wine-kane 1.4.0 alien-ized RPMs (x86-32) (x86-64)

Patch Source Code

Important note: These patches were last tested on Wine 1.4.0.

Amalgamated Source Code: Download complete wine-kane 1.4.0 patchset (direct link)

Individual Patches:
Section Description
ntdll Pass ReadFile and WriteFile requests on sockets to ws2_32.dll.
ws2_32/tests Add UDP broadcast tests.
server Add mechanism for storing an interface ID with a socket.
ws2_32 Selectively bind UDP sockets to interfaces while still allowing broadcast packets.
server/ws2_32 Support UDP binding of interfaces on systems without IP_PKTINFO.

Compilation Instructions